3 Styles of Cake Decoration


Decorating the cake is an essential part of cake preparation. It enhances the charming look of the cake for the cake lovers. Cake icing is used to for different types of cake decorations in an innovative way and enhances the yummy look of the cake. Are you seeking for the reputed baker or the cake…

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5 Make-Ahead Lunches That Don’t Suck


When you want to cut down on eating out for lunch due to its expense and lack of healthy options, making your own healthy lunches ahead of time is the way to go.  You not only get to eat nutritious food, but you also get to hone your healthy cooking skills at the same time. …

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How Good is your Brushing?

Teeth brushing is something that is a daily ritual for just about everyone, and if it isn’t – then it should be! It is important to brush in the morning and evening to keep teeth clean and prevent cavities. But do you know that you can actually cause harm to your teeth or gums by…

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BrightviewDental.ca, Fighting Tooth Decay with You


Tooth Decay is destruction of tooth enamel. It’s the hard outer layer of teeth. This is a common problem in children, teens and even adults. Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria forms up on teeth and when you consume, it attacks the tooth enamel. The stickiness of plague keeps such acids in contact with teeth…

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Brighter Image Lab, Adding a New Life to Your Smile


Are you afraid of doing something to enlighten your smile? Brighter Image Lab™  Is pleased to present you its revolutionary solution, the Press on Veneers.  These Removable Veneers are the ideal solution which lets you preview your final restoration look and gives you a breathtaking smile. It’s a temporary custom dental appliance which is made…

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The Effects of Rising and Falling Blood Alcohol Concentrations


Researchers and clinicians have long noted that alcohol’s effects are often biphasic during a drinking episode. “Biphasic” refers to the fact that stimulant effects of alcohol tend to precede sedative alcohol effects during a drinking episode. There are substantial individual differences in the magnitude of stimulant effects of alcohol and the BACs at which they…

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What are the symptoms of aortic aneurysm?


What is an aneurysm? An aneurysm is the development of an abnormal bulge in the wall of an artery. The walls of arteries are normally muscular and thick thus allowing them to carry large amounts of pressure. However, there are times when a weak part develops in its wall. When this happens, pressure tends to…

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