Knee Injury – ACL and MCL


”Blown knee” or ”the unhappy triad,” also sometimes called ”terrible triad,” is a knee injury common in contact sports such as hockey, rugby, American football and combat sports. The term “the unhappy triad” itself was coined by D.R. O’Donoghue in 1950. The unhappy triad involves an A.C.L tear, an M.C.L tear, lateral meniscus and/or medial…

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Tired of Being Obese?


First of all, it is not your fault! Despite a lot of people calling for ‘loving yourself no matter what’, it is a simple fact that being fat sucks. You obviously think so, otherwise you would not be reading this. Interestingly, despite what people might think, obesity is not necessarily a result of gluttony and/or…

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The Secret to get Pregnant with IVF in the First Try: FLO Living!


A guide for those who wish to increase the odds of successful in-vitro fertilization Having children is a concept that tickles the fancy of most people around the world, but unfortunately Mother Nature interferes sometimes in the form of infertility. Ovulation disorders, inhospitable environment, low motility, blah blah blah, these are all genuine medical problems…

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Healthy Weight Loss


For ?? l?ng ?? there have b??n ?v?rw?ight people th?r? have b??n h??lth? diet plans. Eating plans u?u?ll? incorporate w??? to l??? w?ight ???il? thr?ugh di?t, exercise, ?? well ?? ?utting b??k on calories, carbs, f?t ?nd ?n?thing ?l?? th?t ???m? trendy at th? tim?. The truth ?f the m?tt?r i?, if you follow a…

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Why Vietnamese Food Is Good For Your Health


Who would’ve thought that eating can be one of the major problems of people nowadays? Well, not food exactly, but the consumption of it. Though it may sound absurd, but the way people eat recently has become so disturbing that a lot of researches and studies have been developed. According to some studies, people find…

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Can Cold Cause Chest Pain: Tips for Getting Relief


There are many causes of chest pain, while some are serious and life threatening. The one that worries the people a lot is cardiac disease which can be called as Heart attack in common. Even swelling in the sac surrounding the heart causes pain in the middle of the chest. In addition to this, lung…

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Running With Your Dog


Your pooch may be the ultimate running partner and probably you don’t know it. Think about it, dogs are always eager to spend time with you, and they have a lot of energy. But before you hit the road, you will need to train your dog to run with you. Here are some useful tips…

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Health and Fitness


Our mental and physical health are directly connected, and we cannot completely obtain one without the other. This page is dedicated to those of you who want to achieve a higher level of physical health and those of you who want to lose weight. So, here are some tips to lose 2 to 4 inches off your waist in…

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