Abort Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally at Home


Dong Quai is a home-based remedy that is used in conjunction with other remedies like high dosage vitamin C to induce abortion. Many a time in life we encounter a situation when we are pregnant but due to several personal issues are unable to bring that child to this world. In such scenarios, we would…

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Make the Water Healthier You Drink Daily


How wonderful it would be if you could have in your house a pure water, crystal clear, fresh with advanced hydrogen water generator as if from the source of a mountain. But how can this not be possible because, even the waters of the most preserved places are now compromised, what about producing in your…

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Are You Going to Have a Brain Booster to Help with the Exams?


When we are children, we dream of a magic trick that will make us finish our homework quickly and leave us free to play. When we grow up we realize that there is Brain Booster or ampoule that promises us equivalent “magic”: improving memory and concentration. Many students (and parents) think that these products allow…

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Natural Alternative Treatments for Arthritis


Arthritis is a degenerative health condition that causes inflammation in your joints with stiffness and pain. It gets worse with age. Anti-inflammatory medicines mostly do the trick but if you don’t want to add a long list of medicines in your routine, you can always seek out alternative treatments. We are giving a few suggestions…

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Stretching Exercise to Relieve Pain in Your Home


Introduction A healthy and fit body is a product of consistency, discipline, and hard work. While the journey to overall health and wellness is a series of ups and downs, it is possible. When we look for ways to be fit and healthy, we would find scores of articles suggesting a healthy and balanced meal,…

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