Why Colon Cleanse

24 year ago my health was so bad that if you could find anything in the sickness book I probably had it, kidney was bad, liver was bad, had hepatitis, blood pressure was 189/120. I was on 3 different medications for blood pressure and about 7 more to deal with the side effects of my…

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Keep Healthy with Tips for Healthy School Snacks


There is concern about the children’s lunch: We need to think about low glycemic snacks and vegan snacks, attractive for the little ones, avoiding the sameness and very caloric options, making harmonic combinations, practical, fast and nutritious. Tips for preparing the lunchbox with snack bars: If it is a thermal lunch box, leave it inside…

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Treatment for Narcolepsy: Sleep Disorder


Treatment for narcolepsy should be indicated by the neurologist after assessing the person’s brain function. Usually Modalert (generic name – modafinil) indicated is remedy that stimulates the central nervous system making the person stay awake more easily. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder where the individual experiences excessive sleepiness in inappropriate situations, such as driving a…

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