Your Home Can Make You Sick. Here’s How to Avoid it:


It’s not the air outside that we should be scared of. Truth is, there are a number of potentially hazardous substances in our air. Most of them are concentrated indoors—at home, school, office, or  in an establishment where we like to hang out for hours.   The worse part? These air contaminants make us sick….

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How to Effectively Lose over 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks

At this point, I assume you’ve already heard about the three-day military diet. Or not? Then let me give you a quick summary. This is a diet which deals with strict meal regimen for weight loss for three days and regular food for the following four days. This may frighten you or excite you, depending…

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The Importance of Stem Cells in Cancer Treatment


Many parents opt for the cryopreservation of their children’s stem cells in hope that, one day if necessary, they will have access to samples for the treatment of hematopoietic diseases and for use in various purposes in Regenerative Medicine. Stem cells present in blood and umbilical cord tissue are essentially multi-potent, mesodermal tissues and hematopoietic…

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Key Facts About Reconstructive Jaw Surgery


It is not common to have a perfectly aligned bite. Some people have severe under or over-bites and others suffer from problems of tooth crowding. There is also the potential to suffer serious harm to the jaw as the result of an impact injury such as a car accident. Irrespective of the severity or the…

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