Best Exercises to Burn More Fat and Calories

IMPACT 50-0 Machine

Are you struggling with obesity? Want to get in shape in no time? If so, you’re at the right place. All you need is to follow a strict lifestyle. There’s no point in spending on expensive weight loss products and treatments as most of them waste your time and money. You should consider natural options…

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The 5 Greatest Benefits of Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic Exercises

The benefits of anaerobic exercises are powerful and they need to be part of fitness program as well. Anaerobic exercises are of high intensity and short duration. Strength training (also known as weight training or bodybuilding) and calisthenics (or calisthenics training, strength and flexibility exercises) are examples of anaerobic exercises. Strength training is the most…

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Stretching Exercise to Relieve Pain in Your Home


Introduction A healthy and fit body is a product of consistency, discipline, and hard work. While the journey to overall health and wellness is a series of ups and downs, it is possible. When we look for ways to be fit and healthy, we would find scores of articles suggesting a healthy and balanced meal,…

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Running With Your Dog


Your pooch may be the ultimate running partner and probably you don’t know it. Think about it, dogs are always eager to spend time with you, and they have a lot of energy. But before you hit the road, you will need to train your dog to run with you. Here are some useful tips…

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How to Make the Most out of Prenatal Pilates


Pilates is an effective prenatal exercise for women who want to stay fit while at the same time preparing for childbirth. This is because unlike other pregnancy exercises, Pilates targets the whole body in terms of staying fit and strengthening the wellbeing in preparation for labor. Pilates also works on specific muscle groups, such as…

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Spot Reduction: A Myth or a Reality by Jacob Bremer


Spot reduction means a belief of reducing fats from a particular location or organ of the body wherever additional fat is deposited e.g. abdominal fat by targeting that location or organs via specific exercises. This belief is taken into account as a dilemma and a sort of myth attributable to its unclear mechanism. Some folks…

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The Pilates Method of Exercise Explained


Created by Joseph Pilates, a German national; Pilates involves series of exercises that aims to strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, flexibility and also increase your mental awareness. In early 19 century, Joseph Pilates saw that many athletes and dancers careers were cut short because of injuries. He came up with this program to help…

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How To Become More Healthy And Fit


Exercise can help you get in shape, lose weight and it can be fun. Whether you join a gym or exercise at home, work out at night or during the weekend, this article offers tips to help you squeeze a few hours of fitness into your schedule whenever you can. You should see an amazing…

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