Facing the Fear of Confronting Addiction

Do you suffer from alcohol or drug addiction? If so, deciding to go to an alcohol rehab may be tough. However, you should know it is normal to have fears about confronting your addiction. In fact, the majority of alcoholics and drug addicts have these fears. It might be helpful to learn more about confronting certain fears, so you can move forward to reliable addiction recovery.


Fear Detoxing and Symptoms of Withdrawal

One of the most common fears relating to confronting an addiction is detoxing and the symptoms of withdrawal. This is often more severe when you have no idea what you can expect. You may have seen someone struggle with detoxing. Some alcoholics or drugs addicts have minimal symptoms, while others have more severe symptoms. The most important thing to know is that the medical staff at the rehab center will make you as comfortable as they can. They will monitor you throughout the entire detox process to ensure you are safe.

Fear of Failing

Many alcoholics and drug addicts avoid confronting their addiction because they fear they will fail. They are scared they will get clean or sober and relapse. This can be a scary thought. However, you should not let it deter you from getting help. You should at least give yourself the chance to recover. You deserve that much. Plus, relapsing is not a sign of failure. While you want to do what you can to prevent a relapse, relapsing is something you can learn from, so you can do things differently from that point forward.

Fear of Being Successful

On the other hand, there are many alcoholics and drug addicts who fear they will be successful. This means no more alcohol or drugs in their life. It means changing their entire way of living. It means stepping outside of their comfort zone. This can be scary. However, if you are successful, it also means living the best life you can have.

Fear of Admitting to Having an Addiction

Many alcoholics and drug addicts are fearful of admitting they have an addiction. It can be scary to admit to your family, friends, co-workers, boys, and others that you have an addiction. You might be worried they will not talk to you anymore or they will stop hanging out with you. The truth is, you cannot predict the future. However, likely, everyone in your life wants what is best for you and that is recovering from the addiction. If you recover and people do not like it, they do not want what is best for you. That is not your issue to deal with.

Fear of Coping without Alcohol or Drugs

The fear of coping without alcohol or drugs is a real one as well. Many alcoholics and drugs addicts have this fear. They are so used to handling everything that comes their way by getting drunk or high, doing it any other way appears scary. When something tough comes their way, it may appear the stress will be too much. The problem is that alcohol and drugs are only making more problems in your life. If you start your recovery and overcome the addiction, with time, you will learn healthier coping skills that do not involve alcohol or drugs.

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Are you addicted to alcohol or drugs? It is normal to have some fears of confronting your addiction. However, once you can start to overcome these fears, your entire world and perspective on things can change. You can get the necessary treatment and start living your life to the fullest. You can start enjoying your life and making memories that you will not forget.

Start facing the fears of confronting your addiction today.