Lash Extensions Top 7 Facts

Having lash extensions can be practical, as well as extravagant and low maintenance (believe it or not). Plenty of women avoid getting lash extensions since they are not too sure about the application process, and the truth to be told – there are way more unanswered questions on the internet than there are facts or interesting and important statements made by the lash experts and estheticians. So, if you want to learn a lot more about lashes, their application, as well as their upkeep, you will find the answers to some of your most common questions in the text below!

Lash Extensions Top 7 Facts

7 Facts About Lash Extensions You Should Know About

  1. They Were A Thing Even Back In 1879

Lash Extensions Top 7 Facts

Lash extensions origin dates back to 1879, believe it or not! They have been around for quite some time, and they won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Ironically enough, lash extensions were invented by a man. They were initially a huge thing in Paris, and slowly they became loved worldwide.

  1. They Are Long Lasting

Are you a fan of long-lasting treatments? Do you prefer something that will last you for weeks? If so, you will like lash extensions. Women who run around doing errands and who don’t have a lot of time to do their makeup on a daily will prefer lash extensions. Once professionally placed down, lash extensions can last you for 2-3 weeks! They will look great on anyone and will suit many different formal but also everyday events.

  1. They Are Customizable

Lash extensions are not a “one size suits all”. They need to be professionally placed on top of your eyes, in order to suit your eye shape. Usually, your lash esthetician will use different types, methods, as well as kinds of lashes on their clients. Some women look better with the volume on one end, while others may rock the middle portion lashes the best! The most important part is talking with your esthetician, and asking them to customize the solution per your eye shape, preference, as well as your style.

  1. Anyone Can Get Them

Slight correction – anyone who is not allergic to faux mink, mink, synthetic or real human hair materials, as well as to the lash glue can get lash extensions done. Also, you should be 16 and above in order to get lash extensions. Luckily for most women, this is over 90% of those who are reading this article!

  1. They Are Low Maintenance

Lash Extensions Top 7 Facts

If you are a low maintenance person, you will like lash extensions! They only demand the use of some key elements and products during your everyday routine. You should use an oil-free facial cleanser, as well as the one which is free from alcohol. Stay away from using cotton and cotton rounds, as well as q tips in your everyday routine. Do not apply mascara (luckily, lash extensions are voluminous and long on their own), and also try to avoid high heat and steam. Everything else is allowed – water, showers, swimming, even crying!

  1. Refill Is A Must

If you want to look good most of the time try and book yourself a refill every third week (this is ideal). Women who do not get a refill will experience spider-like lashes and will have to deal with those annoying gaps between their natural lashes, and the extensions.

  1. They Are Actually Not Too Expensive

Lash Extensions Top 7 Facts

Are you someone who is on a budget? Lash extensions are differently priced worldwide. At some places, they can be $40 and at some, you can pay up to $120. This pretty much depends on the reputation level of your esthetician, as well as your countries standard. But once you realize that you will save money by not purchasing false lashes, lash glue, mascaras or tweezers – you might actually save some money with your extensions!