Running With Your Dog

Your pooch may be the ultimate running partner and probably you don’t know it. Think about it, dogs are always eager to spend time with you, and they have a lot of energy. But before you hit the road, you will need to train your dog to run with you. Here are some useful tips on how to make your run enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend.

Running with your dog on a lead is the best way to get you both moving. Keep in mind that not all dogs are cut out to run multiple kilometers at once, but many can learn to be great running mates. If you think your pooch is too hyperactive or poorly behaved to run alongside you, we recommend you to get a martingale collar or grey hound collar. This type of collars are great to keep control on your pup no matter the situation. A retractable lead is also recommended to give your pooch more freedom to move around.

If you are not sure whether your dog is fit to run, we recommend to check a certified veterinarian. A vet can tell you know if there are any issues with his health, and can provide advice about what running distance that are safe for your dog. Even if you are certain your dog will be fine, give your veterinarian a heads up is highly recommended.